Swabian Joint Center

Diagnostics offer

The experienced experts at the Swabian Joint Center will get to the bottom of the causes of your joint complaints with the help of the medical history and a precise physical examination. After the anamnesis and the physical examination, we will plan with you further instrumental diagnostics to find the causes of your joint pain.

Diagnostic services at the SGZ:

Symptom-related anamnesis and physical examination

Detailed anamnesis

Full body examination

Co-evaluation of X-ray, CT or MRT images taken elsewhere

Obtaining a second opinion at the request of the patient

SGZ-second opinion by several specialized medical specialists at the request of the patient

Sports check

Orthopaedic sports medicine health assessment and performance diagnostics

Sports medical examination for registration with sports clubs

Examination and certification in the event of cancellation of travel

Preparation of a private medical opinion

Ultrasound examination

X-ray examination

X-ray functional images

X-ray examination for op planning

Computer tomography

The SGZ cooperates with radiological practices in order to offer you as a patient the most modern diagnostic technologies.

State-of-the-art computer tomographs are used for exact bone imaging using computed tomography.

Computed tomography based surgery planning

CT-based three-dimensional surgery planning helps SGZ surgeons to plan their operations individually.

We attach great importance to patient-specific 3D planning in order to meet the individual anatomy of our patients.

Successful surgery begins outside the operating room with precise planning.

Magnetic resonance tomography (MRT)