Swabian Joint Center


The Swabian Joint Centre was founded by the Swabian orthopaedic surgeon Prof. Dr. med. Michael Maier in his home region of Swabia with the aim of uniting different experts for joint pain under one roof. "People with joint pain, whether acute or chronic, should have a place to turn to in the Swabian Joint Centre that takes a holistic approach to pain," says the physician, describing his philosophy of treating joint pain. The physician, who grew up in Swabia, spent 20 years of his professional life in Heidelberg, where he developed the foundations of his medical philosophy for the treatment of joint pain at the largest orthopaedic university clinic of the elite university of Heidelberg.

Professor Dr. Maier - What does "Swabian" mean in the Swabian Joint Center?

Quite simply, the word Swabian defines everything that constitutes good joint medicine.

  • At the Swabian Joint Center we traditionally work "Swabian", which means that we care for the well-being of our patients with Swabian diligence and Swabian reliability.
  • And, of course, we are also Swabianly thrifty, as befits a good Swabian - namely thrifty in surgical indications. At the Swabian Joint Center, we only operate when it is really necessary and only by those who can really do it. When it comes to operating, we adhere to Gottlieb Daimler's motto, which is still carved in stone under the roof of Daimler's garden house in Bad Cannstatt: "The best or nothing". According to this motto, we only operate at the Swabian Joint Center if the operation can be expected to produce the best result for our patients with a high degree of probability. If this is not the case, we do not operate and look for other therapy options.
  • Today's medicine is continuously developing. "If you stop getting better, you stop being good!" That's why we see the Swabian inventive talent with the drive to constantly develop as the basis for medical care at the highest level.
  • Yes, there is also the famous Swabian obsession with cleanliness. This is an indispensable virtue to be successful as an orthopedic surgeon. Only where the surgical team works extremely precisely and hygiene regulations are consistently implemented can serious complications such as joint infections be prevented.