Swabian Joint Center


Here you will find our contact details for our locations.

Backnang location


SGZ Backnang
Neckarsulmer Str. 5, 71522 Backnang

Opening hours

08:00 h - 18:00 h
Monday - Friday

Contact us

Phone: 07191 914 28 22
Email: info@sgz-backnang.de

Stuttgart location


SGZ Stuttgart
Christophstraße 7, 70178 Stuttgart

Opening hours

08:00 - 16:00
Monday - Friday

Contact us

Phone: 0711 70 70 58 69
Email: info@sgz-stuttgart.de

Dates by arrangement only

Specific private medical practice service at SGZ-Stuttgart, in particular with the following private medical services:
  • Outpatient and inpatient operations directly on site in the ATOS Clinic Stuttgart
  • short waiting time for appointments
  • Low waiting time in the practice due to fixed appointments and generous time planning
  • Active telephone service for doctors and practice staff (e.g. for reporting findings)

Or contact us using the form below. We will call you back immediately.

To avoid additional costs in the course of treatment, please bring all your findings, X-ray, MRI and CT images, preferably on CD or USB stick. Cost transparency is important to us.

The Swabian Joint Center Stuttgart is a private practice. In the PKV sector we can therefore offer both outpatient and inpatient treatment. In the event of a necessary operation, this can then be carried out directly in our partner clinic at the ATOS Clinic Stuttgart.

The Schwäbische Gelenkzentrum Stuttgart does not have a KV approval. Every patient is welcome at the SGZ, including patients with health insurance who, as self-payers, also receive a personally issued invoice.

For a fee starting from approx. 100 € depending on the effort involved, you can make an appointment in the private consultation of our specialists. If you would like an exact cost estimate, please send us your documents beforehand so that we can estimate the effort according to GoÄ (scale of fees for doctors).

We are happy to help you - if you have any questions about treatment and billing, please do not hesitate to contact us directly.

Swabian Joint Centre - Private practice for all patients

We are a private practice because we want to take the necessary time for you as a patient and your complaints and do not support 5-minute medicine.

Of course, you can also be treated by the specialists of the Swabian Joint Centre as a patient with statutory health insurance. Every day, many patients in our private practices take advantage of this option and pay for the treatment themselves.

The reasons why patients come to us are very different:

Busy self-employed people have neither time nor understanding for long waiting times in normal health insurance practices, athletes want to discuss problems in peace and work out individual solutions, and other patients want to receive the most modern therapies that are not offered by the statutory health insurance companies.

To ensure that you feel completely relaxed and secure in our private practice, even if you are a patient with statutory health insurance and have no experience of private medical billing, we work with complete transparency.

For us, the person is in the foreground and not the insurance status of the individual patient. We make the treatment costs transparent for each patient. You can find out the details of billing for patients in our treatment contract.

Here is a brief fact check on private medical treatment at the Swabian Joint Centre:

  • Every patient can seek private medical treatment, regardless of how they are insured.
  • Private medical treatment enables excellent care with the most modern and effective therapy methods.
  • Those who seek private medical treatment must pay the costs themselves. The patient himself clarifies a possible reimbursement of the costs by the insurance company.
  • Billing is carried out according to predefined rules, the German Scale of Fees for Physicians (GOÄ).
  • Continuous professional care by "your" doctor, also during outpatient and inpatient operations in one of our partner clinics
  • Quick appointments
  • Low practice waiting time due to fixed appointments and generous scheduling
  • Active telephone service for doctors and practice staff (e.g. for reporting findings)

Swabian Joint Centre - We only operate at the best locations

Surgical work at a consistently high level requires specialist clinics that permanently meet the necessary criteria.

Even more: our surgical sites must keep pace with our continuous adaptation to the most modern methods and findings in surgical technology and our highest demands on patient safety.

This enables us to ensure that you always receive the best medical care locally, which meets our high standards.

Swabian Joint Centre - Holistic therapy concepts

Many patients appreciate the quieter, almost familiar atmosphere of the private practices of the Swabian Joint Centre. Holistic therapy concepts can be implemented in this private medical environment with intensive attention, as an individual treatment time frame is always created for the respective severity of the disease.

Swabian Joint Centre: Partner on site

If you would like us to have a regional location in your community, recommend ourselves as a surgical clinic or contribute to the well-being of our patients at any other level, please feel free to let us know of your interest at partner@sgz-stuttgart.de.